Valley Forge
We begin our tour with an orientation film, The Crucible of Victory, followed by a driving tour through the encampment grounds of Washington's Continental Army during the winter of 1777 & 1778. It was here that the first official induction into the American Army, called the Oath of Allegiance, took place. We stop to see the sites where America's first Army endured the hardships of their six-month stay. Within the 3500 acres of Valley Forge National Park we learn how this "ragged band of scarecrows" (as one-woman farmer remarked upon their arrival) was turned into a daunting fighting force in just a few short months. See first-hand the brigades with crude huts that Gen. Lafayette described as, "No better than the dungeon cells of Europe," original redoubts, redans, entrenchments, Grand Parade Grounds, Artillery Park, Washington's Headquarters and Life Guard Huts. We also stop at the Washington Memorial Chapel, Carillon Tower and Cabin Gift Shop. We end our tour passing the African American Patriot's Monument. Our costumed Guides will provide an added dimension to the incredible sacrifice and endurance exhibited at Valley Forge.

"The Campaign 0f 1777, A Revolutionary Experience"

A Visit to Valley Forge Country - Trace the steps of the Continental & British Armies from the Battle of Brandywine to the Battle of the Clouds to the Paoli Massacre to the Valley Forge Encampment. We begin our tour with a drive to the Brandywine Valley stopping at the site of the Battle of Brandywine which took place at the Birmingham Meeting House and the rolling hills and farms surrounding the Birmingham Cemetery. We take a comprehensive look at the ill-fated day which General Washington and the American troops experienced while desperately trying to prevent the British from taking the capital city of Philadelphia. We will stop to see the home, which Washington used, as Headquarters, and the home in which Lafayette was "placed" by Washington while in the Brandywine Valley. Leaving the Brandywine Valley embarking for Valley Forge we come deep into the hills of the Great Valley to hear the devastating stories of our brave men and women of the Continental Army at the sites of the Battle of Clouds and the Paoli Massacre. We will visit Historic Waynesborough, home of Washington's most colorful officer, General "Mad Anthony" Wayne. We stop for lunch after arriving in Valley Forge National Park. Box lunches will be delivered by Ludwigs Gourmet Catering.

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